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  • Blush Beach Wave 13x4 Frontal - Wink Hair
  • Blush Beach Wave 13x4 Frontal - Wink Hair
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Blush Beach Wave 13x4 Frontal - VDay Sale

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Recreate your entire hairline, with our 13x4 Transparent Lace Frontals. If you're looking for a complete protective hairstyle, with no leave out, our lace frontals will provide you just that. Our frontals are made with swiss Lace that is thin, ventilated, and when installed correctly will be undetectable. Our frontals come pre-and comes plucked with baby hairs, with small knots.

If your activity level is very high, for example working out multiple times a week, a Lace Closure would be a better option for you; as Frontals can be more maintenance. 

Our Beach Wave Frontals match perfectly with our Beach Wave Bundles. 

Textures: Beach Wave

Lengths: 12 - 20"

Lace: Swiss Transparent Lace

Color: Natural 1B

Pre-Plucked: Yes (with baby hair included)

Knots Bleached: No (Knots are small, we recommend bleaching knots before wearing for the most natural look)

Part: Free Part (create your part were you like it)

Hair Care: We recommend having your frontal installed by a professional hairstylist. As mentioned in the description, and product information our frontals do not come with bleached knots. If your desired look, calls for the knots to be bleached, we recommend having your hairstylist do this for you. Not bleaching the knots correctly can destroy the lace of the frontal, and make the hair near the lace color turn. You should also be gentle when combing, and styling the hair on the frontal. Being ruff can cause the hair to thin, and also you can bald the hair on the frontal. Keep the products to a minimum, to not create buildup on the lace. 


How many bundles do I need when buying a Frontal? 

Use the guide below to determined how many bundles we recommend for a full install when wearing a Frontal. **This recommendation is for a natural look. If you prefer a full look, add at least one more bundle to our recommendation. 

14-16" - At least 2 Bundles
18-22" - 3 Bundles
24 - 26" - 4 Bundles
28" and higher - 5 Bundles


What Length Frontal should I buy?

We recommend your Frontal to be either the same length as your shortest bundle length, or one inch shorter than your shortest bundle length. For example, if you are purchasing bundle lengths, 14,16,18". You should purchase either a 12 or 14" Frontal. 

How long will the Frontal Last?

Lace Frontals will last approximately 4-6 week, with proper haircare. Frontals will have to be replaced each install.