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  • Blush Deep Wave - Wink Hair
  • Blush Deep Wave - Wink Hair
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Blush Deep Wave - VDay Sale

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Deep Wave is currently the most curliest texture that we offer. This texture is filled with small tight curls, that when wet the curls loosen and it gives a beautiful wavy look. This texture looks nice in both short and long lengths. With lengths 16 and under you will have a nice curly bob. In longer lengths Deep Wave curls will be a little bigger, giving you more of a wave look, and looking similar to our Water Wave texture. 

Deep Wave does require more maintenance than our other textures just due to the tight curls. We recommend using a light mouse on the hair to keep the curly texture looking fresh all day long. The more you comb the hair, the more shedding you may have, and we do not recommend combing or brushing hair when it is dry. Your fingers will do wonders to get out any tangles or snags you may have. Like our other wavy textures, Deep Wave can be straightened, and will hold its straight look without curling back up. Once you are ready to wear the hair in its natural curly look, simply wet the hair. 

Lengths: 12-30"
Hair Color: Natural 1B
Weight: Each Bundle is Approximately 100 grams/3.5oz
Coloring: Dyes to 3613
Wefts: Doubled Wefts

Hair Care
  • Always wear a scarf/bonnet at night (Check out our Hair Care Accessories!)
  • Never go to sleep with your hair wet. This will cause your hair to tangle
  • Wash at least every 2 -3 weeks you have the hair installed, with sulfate free shampoo
  • Always comb/brush from the tips of the hair and work your way up to the wefts. We have two brush options that are perfect for maintaining your bundles.
  • Hair can be colored to #613. We STRONGLY recommend having a professional hairstylist color/dye the hair
  • With proper hair care, your bundles can last a long time and will allow you to get multiple uses out of the hair.

How many bundles do I need for a full install?

12-16" 3 Bundles

18-22" 4 Bundles

24-30" 5 Bundles

(This all depends on your preference on how thick you would like your install to be)

**Use the reference chart as a guide to determine what lengths to order