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  • Extra Long Satin Bonnet - Wink Hair
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Extra Long Satin Bonnet

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If you're part of the "Long Hair Don't Care Club" we have the bonnets for you. These bonnets are perfect for those who like to wear lengths 20 inches and longer.

Don't worry about messing up your straight bundles trying to get all your hair into a smaller bonnet, or scarf. Or struggling to wrap all 24 inches to keep the hair protected. I mean the list goes on for all the problems our long bonnets solve. 

The elastic band is soft, and will not leave any marks. It is also the perfect size that will keep the bonnet in place. Once it goes on, believe us it is not coming off. No more waking up at night wondering why your bonnets not on your head. The comfortable fit of the bonnets allow you to wear it for multiple hours. Perfect, for getting things done around the house or putting on your makeup.

Material: Premium Satin, Anti-Static Processing

Length: 63cm/24.8''

Width: 26cm/10.2''

Color: Eco-dying 

Washing Instructions: Hand Wash and Air Dry