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  • Mist Spray Bottle - 10oz Continious Spray - Wink Hair
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Mist Spray Bottle - 10oz Continious Spray

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Make refreshing your wavy/curly extensions an easy process with our continuous fine mist spray bottle. When the trigger is pulled, the water will come out in a mist, that helps the water to get to a larger area of hair at one time. If you pull the trigger a few times and fast, the mist spray will last for a few seconds, giving you that continuous spray affect. Again, this allows the water to reach a larger area of your hair and fast. 

Even though our Mist Spray bottles hold up to 300 ml, you will not need that much water to refresh your wavy or curly hair bundles. When purchasing either Deep Wave or Beach Wave, we highly recommend adding this mist sprayer to your cart. 

With just a full squeeze of the spray bottle, your bundles will be refreshed and look good in seconds.  

Like all of our Hair Care Accessories, the spray bottle is great for your natural hair and the whole family. 


Product Specifics

Capacity:  300ml/10oz

Size: Height: 25cm/9.8inch; Diameter: 5.3cm/2inch;

Material: Made of quality PET material, eco-friendly, leak-proof.