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  • Vented Curved Paddle Brush - Wink Hair
  • Vented Curved Paddle Brush - Wink Hair
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Vented Curved Paddle Brush

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Our Vented Curved Paddle Brush is perfect for all Wink hair textures. It is good to brush through your hair extensions, at least once a day. You should not need to more than twice, in the mornings, and at night right before bed. 

Massage your scalp with the brushes soft and round beads, as you brush through your hair. The vented and curved paddle is great for brushing when blow drying. It helps to decrease the time needed to dry your hair. This further helps to protect your Wink Bundles and Natural Hair, as we all know too much heat is never good! The less heat you put on your hair, the better.

The durable handle material allows you to easily get a good grip on the brush. It also comes with a small hole at the bottom of the brush, which makes storage accessible. 

 This brush is for you Mom and the children in the house. 


Product Specifics

Material: Soft ABS resin and durable nylon

Brush length: 9.25 inch Brush width: 2.99 inch depth: 0.82 inch